Tokenizing pets

The evolution of blockchain technology moving from peer-to-peer electronic cash to include asset creation has seen seismic growth in the sector. Non-fungible token (NFT) popularization among the cryptocurrency community has seen incredible investment by mainstream customers who, for diverse reasons, saw NFT’s a great bridge to entry.

A great deal of discussions around the technology have taken place. Many have suggested they are fads, scams or have no true real world use case. Fair arguments could be made for the first and second, but the third - true real world use case - is worth engaging in.

NFT’s offer the highest level of electronic security possible. With Proof of Work securing the assets, the opportunity to store and provide digital assets available and traceable at all times without fear of theft provides a strong framework by which businesses can provide increased customer value.

It is fair to say the real challenge with asset and token technology is finding ways to implement it for valid reasons without alienating those who need to use it. Pet adoption is one of the opportunities to integrate blockchain technology that can benefit both animal shelters and adopters alike.

By tokenizing pets on the blockchain important information regarding the asset can be lodged and made available for all to see. This includes:

  • Address of owner

  • Medical history

  • Microchip number

  • Animal lineage

  • Animal pedigree papers

This information is important to the animals ongoing wellbeing. Tokenising adoption provides this information at time of purchase and allows future pet owners (should that occur) to be aware of the pets relevant information without needing to check with the previous owners or vet.

Additionally, it democratizes care of the animal independent of the vet as their medical history can be lodged on the blockchain, rather than a private database or server, to ensure all vets are able to access their records in times of need.

These details form the basis of the animal pedigree papers. Whilst breeders place increased importance on these papers for show purposes, digitizing them allows traceability across multiple generations. Breeders would be able to easily access and determine future mating pairs further than three generations (industry standard) as well as work toward limiting congenital issues that persist through breeding lines.

Pet collars would be able to carry relevant and scannable tags that link to the information. This would assist in the returning of animals to owners should they run away from their homes.

Meowcoin Is able to bridge this gap by providing a specialized tokenizing service for adoption shelters and breeders. This will allow registration of pets to take place easily and without fuss whilst allowing vets to tag the ongoing medical updates for a pet to create one cohesive and publicly accessible picture of the animal.

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