How to run a Meowcoin Full Node on Windows

A tutorial on how to run a Full Node via Windows
With thanks to MeowFu

What is Meowcoin?

Meowcoin is a blockchain built on the KaWPOW algorithm and aims to integrate blockchain technology in the animal sector while securing decentralization of the network with the help of miners through Proof-of-Work. Meowcoin donates part of the block reward to animal shelters, benefitting the wider animal sector through philanthropic means.

Why run a full node?

A full node keeps track of the blockchain while the miners validate the blocks. The network requires both to run. By running a full node, you are helping secure the network. Best of all, running a node requires minimal hardware and can run on an existing computer or a miner.
1) Download and install the Meowcoin Core installer for Windows (meowcoin-X.X.X-win64-setup.exe) at
2) Run Meowcoin Core
3) Let Meowcoin Core fully sync with the network. This can take some time to complete and will depend on your bandwidth and hardware (at most, it should take a few hours to complete).
4) Once fully synced, navigate to Wallet > Options…
5) Select Network > check the box for Map port using UPnP > OK to finish.
Congratulations! 🎉 You have just configured your Meowcoin node.

Verify the full node is working

To verify, navigate to Tools > Information.
Your full node should have both incoming connections and outgoing connections (it may take up to 15 minutes for incoming connections).
In the example below, we have 2 incoming and 6 outgoing connections (In: 2 / Out: 6).


Running a full node can be very simple and benefits the Meowcoin network. You are participating in an amazing project while helping out our furry friends. 🐾
Last modified 1yr ago