How to run a Meowcoin Full Node on Windows

A tutorial on how to run a Full Node via Windows

With thanks to MeowFu

What is Meowcoin?

Meowcoin is a blockchain built on the KaWPOW algorithm and aims to integrate blockchain technology in the animal sector while securing decentralization of the network with the help of miners through Proof-of-Work. Meowcoin donates part of the block reward to animal shelters, benefitting the wider animal sector through philanthropic means.

Why run a full node?

A full node keeps track of the blockchain while the miners validate the blocks. The network requires both to run. By running a full node, you are helping secure the network. Best of all, running a node requires minimal hardware and can run on an existing computer or a miner.


1) Download and install the Meowcoin Core installer for Windows (meowcoin-X.X.X-win64-setup.exe) at

Congratulations! 🎉 You have just configured your Meowcoin node.

Verify the full node is working

To verify, navigate to Tools > Information.

Your full node should have both incoming connections and outgoing connections (it may take up to 15 minutes for incoming connections).

In the example below, we have 2 incoming and 6 outgoing connections (In: 2 / Out: 6).


Running a full node can be very simple and benefits the Meowcoin network. You are participating in an amazing project while helping out our furry friends. 🐾

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