Instructions for deploying

2.1 If you don’t have an account created in Zelcore, you first need to download and install the app

2.2 Next (mandatory for your wallet’s safety), enable d2FA on the App section inside Zelcore.

2.3 Now you can authenticate by clicking on the fingerprint button or manually by signing the message manually on your Zelcore Wallet with the ZelID App

3. Now that you are authenticated, head over to and look for the Meowcoin Node Application. You will see something very similar to this:

4. Do not put any other Parameters and Click on the Start Marketplace App, you get something like:

5. You can click next, or copy the Registration Message if you are signing the message manually from your ZelID App and then click next

6. Here you can click the fingerprint button to sign the request for the Application, or if done manually paste the signed message on your ZelID from the previous step

7. Now you get the monthly cost for your Application. Click Register Flux App

8. Now you are provided with some payment info in FLUX. Payment is done through the FLUX blockchain in FLUX coins.

9. Select “Pay with Zelcore” to make the payment for the app

10. You are done! We just have to wait for your Alephium Node to be spawned on an available node, which takes around 10–30 minutes.

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