Cryptocurrency mining has often received poor presentation in the media. Low reader comprehension on its importance and ESG policy have damaged its perception and presented it as an environment killing, criminal supporting endeavor. This could not be further from the truth.

With Ethereum moving to proof of stake imminently at the time of this document's writing, millions of GPU miners around the world are looking to shift into new projects to survive. Given the value mining provides to people living in countries with low incomes by comparison to most Western standards, there is sentiment that mining offers many an opportunity to generate financial freedom for those trying to escape poverty. These small scale miners utilise cryptocurrency as a means of breaking out of their existing financial paradigm by trying something different to the traditional means of accruing wealth.

Many new projects have emerged to support the network. Meowcoin seeks to join these projects in offering an alternative blockchain to mine whilst also endeavoring to harness the goodwill miners have.

Research has shown the impact cats on the internet have had on people engaging with feline content. This positive correlation relates to the emotive feelings many have towards animals. There is additional research showing the general happiness and reduced stress of animal owners in contrast to those without animals. Animals play an important role in people's lives and positively impact humans’ general happiness and wellbeing.

With this as the background, Meowcoin looks to step in and engage with the positive impact of animals on people's lives as well as drive adoption of blockchain in practical ways within the market.

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