Create an NFT in Core Wallet

An easy-to guide on how to do it

  1. Make an account on This is where your NFT files will be created.

  2. Upload the files you wish to create your NFT out of to Pinata.

  3. Open your Meowcoin Core Wallet and click "Create Assets" on the left.

  4. Select an asset type from the "Asset Type" drop down menu" - Main Asset: This is the standard NFT and in most cases you will want this - Sub Asset: This is the "child" of a "Main Asset". For instance, you may have an image of a cat and the sub asset may be pictures of its kittnes. - Unique Asset: This is a "Main Asset" that can be given a "unique" type. This makes it one of a kind. - Messaging Channel Asset: This is simply if you want to create a message from one wallet user to another. This is NOT an NFT but simply a message held in the blockchain. - Qualifier Asset: This type of NFT is used when you want to limit what addresses the NFT can be shared with. - Sub Qualifier Asset: This is a way to add more addresses to the "Qualifier Assets". These will always be children of "Qualifier Assets" (in the same way as Main / Sub Assets). - Restricted Asset: This is essentially the same as "Qualifier Assets" but you cannot extend the restriction. They are fully restricted once they are created.

  5. Once you have picked your asset type, give it a name. This must be in UPPERCASE with NO special characters except _ and .

  6. Put one of YOUR addresses in the "Address" field. This is the address that will initially own the NFT. Once you've created it you can transfer it to someone else.

  7. Next select the quantity and units: - Quantity: This is how many of the NFT exist - Units: This is how many times a single version of this NFT can be split up. e.g you can send 1/4 of an NFT to someone. Thus, the NFT can be be split into shares of the overall NFT. Think of it as the same as owning shares in a business, where the business is the Quantity and the percentage you own of the business is the Units.

  8. Reissuable means whoever owns the original administrator asset is allowed to reissue the NFT.

  9. IMPORTANT: Click Add IPFS / TCID Hash and copy the CID from your uploaded Pinata file into this box. This is the file ID link that will be sent to other users when they get the NFT you have made.

  10. Click the "Inputs..." button at the top and select a transaction input with enough MEWC to cover the cost of the asset you are creating.

  11. Finally, click "Check Availability" and providing all is ok, "Create Asset". Then you're done!

Congratulations, you've made your own NFT through the Core Wallet.

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