Flux - The Web3 Cloud

Flux core values and ethos is the rise of Web 3.0 — By, and For the People. Evoke the power of corporations and restore it to the common people. The Flux Cloud is decentralized, based on thousands of single servers from all over the world which are all connected in one operating system. Individuals are the backbone of it. They are providing the cloud with computational resources via home-based bare metal machines or rented servers and get incentivized by 50% of the total block reward.

To this date the decentralized cloud of Flux is supported by over 15,000 nodes all around the globe. Its total available computational resources are totalling over 100,000 Cores, over 275 TB of RAM, and over 6 PT (Petabytes) of SSD. A Web 3.0 cloud powerhouse which can be used to deploy applications in a decentralized, and censor resistant manner. There are plenty of advantages of using Flux instead of traditional Web2 infrastructure providers:

  • All applications are redundant and do have automatic failovers in case of any outages

  • The Flux Cloud is agnostic to code language as it uses Docker Hub containers as on-ramp

  • The Flux Cloud automatically keeps applications up to date to the respective container

  • The Flux Cloud offers uncompetitive pricing

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