Meowcoin is a platform built on the KAWPOW algorithm and forked from the Neoxa project - this in turn was an evolution from Ravencoin, which finds its genesis in Bitcoin. We stand on the shoulders of others and acknowledge their efforts whilst respectfully looking to pave our own way.

It will serve as the basis for miners to step forward into a post-Ethereum ecosystem in a project that has philanthropy at its core. The statement ‘by miners, with miners, for miners’ is an apt embodiment of our project. But miners, as people, live in community with others and understand the benefit it can provide to the wider world. It is with eyes firmly set on this aim that we secure the blockchain together.

All communities have at their core a reason for being. As lovers of cats, we believed our feline friends provided an opportunity for people to rally around; something people can gather around while remaining uniquely independent culturally. We note cats have been a rallying point - of sorts - dating back millenia to the Ancient Egyptians. While they did not worship cats, they did believe that cats were representative of fertility, domesticity, music, dance and pleasure; the Egyptians embraced and revered them accordingly. We hold to the sentiment of the Ancients and reach out our hand to all miners to add one further element that cats can represent to us - unity in decentralization.

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