Monitoring of your instances

When logged in via your ZelID you can head over to and to the “My Apps” Tab. Here you will be able to Manage and visit your Meowcoin Node deployments that you have done so far. Click on the arrow pointing down to see your application specifications and the IPs running it

Here comes the beauty of the Flux Cloud! Your Meowcoin Node is redundant! That means it is always running on minimum three instances simultaneously. You can check the Logs of the individual IPs to see the Node syncing properly.

  1. Visit one IP by clicking on “Visit FluxNode”

  2. Log in with your ZelID

  3. Navigate to “Apps”, “Local Apps”, “My Local Apps”

  4. Click “Manage”, “Manage App”, “Log File”

Remember, your Meowcoin Node is only subscribed for 22,000 Flux blocks which is ~ 44,000 minutes so around one month. You will need to renew the payment every month so your Node does not get kicked off the network.

  1. Visit and log in with your ZelID

  2. Navigate to “Apps”, “Global Apps”, “My Apps”

  3. Click “Manage”, “Manage App”, “Update Specifications”

  4. Leave all the variables like they are, Click “Compute Update Message”

  5. Sign the Message with the ZelID App and click “Update Flux App” after

  6. Click “Pay with Zelcore” to make the Flux Payment

  7. Voilà your Node has been renewed for 22,000 blocks

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