Recovering a Core Wallet

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Please ensure that you save your mnemonic seed phrase when you create a new wallet. The seed phrase should be stored in a secure location and not your desktop or computer. It's your responsibility to also remember your password.

If you do not write down / securely store your mnemonic seed phrase and your computer later has problems, you could be at risk of losing all of your Meowcoin balance.

Q - I forgot the password for the QT wallet, but I have the 12 words seedphrase. Can I recover it? (If you want to recover without forgotten password, skip the backup part) A - Yes. Close the wallet Locate the wallet.dat file on your computer (you can find it in: Tools > Information > Datadir, the default folder is %appdata%\meowcoin) Rename wallet.dat to wallet_backup.dat Re-open the wallet It will ask for a 12 word mnemonics/seedphrase to restore your wallet. - Enter your 12 word mnemonics/seedphrase - Enter your recovery passphrase ( is optional and need only to be entered when you created this wallet and set one ) - Click Import An "encrypt wallet" popup window will open. Enter a new passphrase and press "confirm" (it must be entered or you won´t be able to access your wallet or be able to send funds) Go to Tools > Wallet Repair and click "rebuild index". It may take up to a few hours for the wallet to sync, your funds should be back. If your wallet is not syncing, check that you have peers connected in tools>peers

Q - I’ve restored my wallet using my 12 word mnemonics/seedphrase but my balance is not showing. What should I do? A - After importing your wallet, go to Tools > Wallet Repair and then "rebuild index"

Q - My Balance is still 0 after "rebuild index", why? A - You entered an incorrect recovery passphrase.

Q - I forgot both, my 12 word mnemonics/seedphrase and my passphrase for unlocking my QT wallet. Is there a way I can recover my wallet or funds? A - Your 12 words mnemonics/seedphrase or the passphrase are required to recover or decrypt and access your QT wallet and the coins in it, and only you know this information. If you lost both of them, your coins are lost.

Q - There are so many phrases, which one does what? A - There are 3 phrases, please use the explanation and diagram below as a reference.

  1. 12 Words mnemonics/seedphrase (for recovering your whole wallet)

  2. Recovery passphrase ("13" secure word for mnemonics/seedphrase. It is optional and set by yourself, when you generate your wallet for the first time.)

  3. Passphrase (encrypt popup window, for unlocking/locking wallet and sending funds, must be entered or you will not be able to unlock your wallet and send funds)

Q - How can I backup my wallet? A - There are 2 ways to backup your wallet:

  1. Backup your wallet.dat ( wallet > backup wallet ) and save it in a safe location, USB stick, cloud, email or where ever you think it would be safe so that nobody can access it. (you still need the passphrase you entered for this wallet.dat to unlock it and send funds)

  2. When you generated your wallet, you should write your mnemonics/seedphrase down (and if set, recovery passphrase). If you haven't you can still do it, when you have access to your wallet, just go to wallet > view Mnemonics, enter your password and write them down on a piece of paper or any other safe place. If anybody gets access to it, they get access to your wallet and the funds inside.

Q - My transactions got 0 confirmations (in mempool), but I got connection to other peers. Are my funds lost? A - No, go to tools > debug window and enter in bottom field " resendwallettransactions " , your transaction should start.

Q - Why do I get a new address when I Request Payment? A - Meowcoin Core wallet automatically manages the addresses inside your wallet. When you make Receive > Request Payment, a new address gets generated which you can label if you want to re-use that same address.

Q - My wallet is not syncing. How can I fix this? A - Try adding nodes.

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