Meowcoin FAQ

Key coin information Name: Meowcoin Ticker: MEWC Consensus type: Proof of Work Algorithm: Kawpow Total supply: 21,000,000,000 Premine: 0 Block time: 60 seconds Block Reward: 5,000; 60% (3000) received by miner and 2000 (40%) received by the development fund Halving: Every 4 years

Is Meowcoin a charity? No. Meowcoin is not a charity. It is a philanthropically minded Layer 1 main net that has partnered with several animal shelters to donate in a sustainable and long term relationship. We utilise part of the development fee to donate to these animal shelters.

So what is the rest of the fund used for? As part of our commitment to the community, the Meowcoin team utilises the development fund to appropriately drive the projects growth. We want to build a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for miners to exist within. To do this, we utilise the development fund to support this. Thus, instead of asking for donations from the community for things like mining pool listings, exchange listings etc, we do all this ourselves. As the miner, all you need to do is mine and HODL – we do the rest.

So wait, does that mean you dump coin on exchange to raise capital? No, we don’t do that. Our aim is to not create sell pressure on exchange; this would negatively impact the growth of the project. Instead, we utilise over-the-counter trades to fund the projects aims.

Will Meowcoin be listed on bigger exchanges soon? Yes. We are always searching out new and more exchanges to list with. Sadly, this is an expensive and often complicated process. Exchanges require a listing fee which ranges from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Listing also requires that we provide liquidity for a trading environment (which comes out of our pocket) and equivalent coin amounts so we can support both sides of the trading book. Consequently, we actively negotiate and choose instead to put our money where we can into development of the chain and grow that way. We know that our road map has value and we want to ensure we get there.

Will other software be built on Meowcoin? Yes. There will be Layer 2 software built on Meowcoin. is one such project currently underway; Empawrium is another. Pawprint, the animal adoption software, is our key tech development that will sit on top of the Meowcoin blockchain. There are other things coming soon too.

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